Under the Tavern - DVD Edition

Under the Tavern - DVD Edition

Under the Tavern is an adventure module where players find their characters exploring the depths of an ancient 5 level dungeon filled with twists and turns and with plenty of exploration, action and mystery. There are 90 areas to explore, in total, with a variety of narrative hooks and story lines to keep your players wanting more - right up to the very end.

The adventure is designed for use with a variety of different fantasy role-playing systems. Although when creating the module I envisaged it being played through by entry level characters, it could easily be adapted for characters of a medium level as well.

The adventure has been written in such a way as to allow you to seamlessly insert this dungeon into most game worlds and add your own embellishments and flair to the structure of the narrative.

It is up to the game master or director whether to add their own flavor and degree of difficulty into the structure of this adventure's narrative.

The DVD edition consists of:

  • Game Master video walk-through of module
  • Play along video edition of module - play the dungeon on TV with players
  • Contains the PDF of the Illustrated Edition
  • Contains the PDF of the Basic Edition
  • Contains high resolution images of each level map and the player handout
  • Ships to anywhere in the world at no additional cost.
  • NTSC DVD-R Format only. Running time 90 minutes (1h30)
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