Monster: The Rat (PDF)


The Rat

Rats! They are everywhere. These clever rodents have mastered the skill of surviving almost anywhere in the world. Some have even claimed to have encountered them in trans-dimensional planes and magical realms. One thing is for sure - you should never dismiss a rat as simply a small insignificant creature.

Rats have been the constant companions of all the intelligent species of humanoid since long before any other creature was domesticated. In certain religious circles they are believed to be the eyes and ears of the gods - constantly watching, constantly listening.

Many a beggar will tell you that the real riches of the cities lie with the rats.

You may hear tales from old grizzled adventurers of the Rat King Swarm, thought to have once been seen defeating a troll.

PDF Contents

This PDF contains 5 pages (including the cover), illustrated by the author. It also features:

  • A full page description, history, ecology, organisation and how to use the creature in encounters
  • Combat strategy guide - how to use the monster effectively in combat encounters
  • A monster stat card (tarot size) with details about the monster
  • A handy injury tracking sheet
  • Paper minis to represent the monster in your game

The file is 4.4Mb in size

The stats are used for the 7DSystem rule system, however, conversions are easily made to almost any other system.

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