Monster: Zom Beetle (PDF)


Zom Beetle

Zommmm, the sound of the Zom beetle beating its flightless wings to attract a mate. A horrible sound to those who know what fate awaits the nursery, which is you!

That’s right, Zom beetles use large mammals as the hosts for their eggs. A sickening process involving incapacitation, implantation and ingestion that doesn’t end well for the victim.

The Dark-brewer conclave prize these beetles for their venom that is used in the zombification process.

Zom beetles are also the scourge of farmers as they devour livestock and crops. A plague of zom beetles once eradicated an entire kingdom, those that survived the “feeding and breeding” either died of starvation or at the hands of brigands on the roads out of their country.

PDF Contents

This PDF contains 5 pages (including the cover), illustrated by the author. It also features:

  • A full page description, history, ecology, organisation and how to use the creature in encounters
  • Combat strategy guide - how to use the monster effectively in combat encounters
  • A monster stat card (tarot size) with details about the monster
  • A handy injury tracking sheet
  • Paper minis to represent the monster in your game

The file is 5.6Mb in size

The stats are used for the 7DSystem rule system, however, conversions are easily made to almost any other system.

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