GGA Ancient Historical Battles Core Rulebook (PDF)

GGA Ancient Historical Battles Core Rulebook (PDF)

Now is the time to invest in a new ancient gaming system...and GGA is the way to do it.

Granny Grating Armies (GGA) was a kickstarter project and was funded in 3 hours, it has already gained a following on facebook and people are innovating every day with this new system 10mm wargaming system!

Now is your chance to grasp the mantle of innovation and get creative. GGA is a rule set designed to be used with 10mm miniatures in the ancient world. Offering a distinct "flavour" of Ancient history with "Grannies History" segments throughout the book, as well as instructions on how to build your own budget miniatures you can be gaming in no time. You can also use miniatures from your existing collection.

GGA is much spicier rule set than many other ancient wargames offering more fun than numbers.

GGA is simple, elegant and boasts a unique energy and command point system. With the mechanics in place to help emulate real warfare, you must be both tactical and strategic. Simple to learn and enthusing to master the game brings to the tabletop a system like no other.

So enjoy re-living the big moments of history and get gaming with one of four nations right off the bat! Four Army lists to get you started: Romans, Spartans, Celts and Egyptians.

  • A large and comprehensive command grid to utilise in battle
  • All the tokens and markers you need to play
  • Instructions on how to build your own infantry, cavalry and archers.
  • Grannies History helps to keep you engaged with history, and perhaps help you learn something.

This PDF is 36 pages and 3.5Mb in size

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