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The ancient dark arts of the nercomagii evolved from the exploration of aether magic - the magic of life and death. Centuries of experimentation gave birth to the first spells required to reanimate the dead.

At first these grotesque sculptures of death were merely statuesque. It was only after the dark sorcerer Harrenhausen developed a unique sequence of spells to animate the bones that necromancy came to prominence. A simple puppetry spell used primarily by wandering festival conjurors transformed the necromantic dark arts into a formidable source of military power.

The age of undead was upon the world. Necromancers were no longer the haunts of graveyards and morgues, picking the locks on mausoleums and prying open the caskets of the recently departed. Now they could raise battlefields of fallen soldiers.

Central to the effectiveness of their armies of skeletons were the secret lists of coded instructions that some modern necromancers now guard with extreme care. The right verbal commands to an undead horde can mean the difference between an effective fighting force and a bone wall.

PDF Contents

This PDF contains 5 pages (including the cover), illustrated by the author. It also features:

  • A full page description, history, ecology, organisation and how to use the creature in encounters
  • Combat strategy guide - how to use the monster effectively in combat encounters
  • A monster stat card (tarot size) with details about the monster
  • A handy injury tracking sheet
  • Paper minis to represent the monster in your game

The file is 5.0Mb in size

The stats are used for the 7DSystem rule system, however, conversions are easily made to almost any other system.

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