Monster: The Cucaracha (PDF)


The Cucaracha

When the dark dragons of an age past needed drones to clean their piles of hoarded wealth they used the power of the aether life force to transform the humble cockroach into a diabolic monstrosity. Once the dragons’ rein over the world ended, the need for their enormous creations disappeared and the cucaracha spread out into the world.

It is told on the dusty vellum of the world’s histories that the cucaracha is the true ancestor of the Siclith hive mind. As the cucaracha is a solitary creature, some doubt falls upon the validity of this belief. However, any accumulated knowledge of the Siclith race is vague at best.

Cucaracha are the scavengers of the underbuilds, the dungeons, mountain fortresses and cavernous worlds spread throughout the continents.

They scour the dark depths, eating whatever material they can digest, preying on the weak, the sick and the badly injured. Novice bards often add “la cucaracha” to their repertoire of merriment songs. It is a simple ditty that most common folk enjoy rhythmically singing along to in taverns.

However, the subject matter of this well known poem is quite grim. It tells of a group of adventurers that fall prey to the cucaracha one by one in the repeating quatrains. The rhyming couplets disguise a gruesome truth that those poor souls were in fact devoured by an enemy that was impossible to kill.

PDF Contents

This PDF contains 5 pages (including the cover), illustrated by the author. It also features:

  • A full page description, history, ecology, organisation and how to use the creature in encounters
  • Combat strategy guide - how to use the monster effectively in combat encounters
  • A monster stat card (tarot size) with details about the monster
  • A handy injury tracking sheet
  • Paper minis to represent the monster in your game

The file is 4.7Mb in size

The stats are used for the 7DSystem rule system, however, conversions are easily made to almost any other system.

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