Monster: Puffer Snake (PDF)


Puffer Snake

“Snake!” The fearful scream of your companion running towards you. This is no ordinary snake though, so running is usually a wise option.

The puffer snake gets its name from its ability to release its venom as a poisonous gas cloud. It breathes in and the air rapidly expands its head acting as a propellant for the aerosolised venom. If you are around while the gas is you better be able to hold your breath... for a long time.

These things have a nasty, rapid attack that ensnares you in its grip of death, not only squeezing the life out of you, but biting you and injecting its venom directly into your veins. It’s not a great way to die.

PDF Contents

This PDF contains 5 pages (including the cover), illustrated by the author. It also features:

  • A full page description, history, ecology, organisation and how to use the creature in encounters
  • Combat strategy guide - how to use the monster effectively in combat encounters
  • A monster stat card (tarot size) with details about the monster
  • A handy injury tracking sheet
  • Paper minis to represent the monster in your game

The file is 6Mb in size

The stats are used for the 7DSystem rule system, however, conversions are easily made to almost any other system.

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