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Why fill the dungeon with furniture?

One of the best things to do when crafting your own 2.5D dungeon is use 3D elements like furniture to add life and immersion to the game, but why furniture?

Furniture gets in the way. This immediately is a great reason to add it. Things that get in the way change the way the players characters interact with the environment and how encounters are run. A room filled with tables and chairs, bookcases, pillars, chests, benchs and beds makes combat difficult.

Combat no longer happens in straight lines, nor does it happen on a flat, uninspiring, surface. Now characters are jumping on tables for height advantage. Kicking over chairs to create obstacles to charges. Pushing over bookcases to cause damage to foes. The game completely changes in dynamics and flow, but more importantly combat becomes more exciting. Imagine setting it all on fire!

As tables and chairs are pretty generic there is no need to make hundreds of them. However, there is no reason why you can't make a whole bunch of different pieces in the same type (like chairs). Wooden chairs, padded chairs, thrones, etc. As you will be reusing them over and over you can rely on small numbers of these items and pull them out and place them in the rooms as needed while you play. Hey even a chaise longue! [Note to self]

You will need to have rules for damage to furniture ready as players will start to break things... trust me.

Books to consider: