The DungeonMaster G

Tools for cheap home made dungeon tiles

This is the evolving list of tools and items that I use to create all the things you see in my videos. Although video DMG#001 provides most of them. A few tools and materials have been added throughout the video series.


Double layer corrugated cardboard as the base for tiles (very durable), single layer cardboard for certain things and plain card stock (usually I just use thin non-corrugated boxes from the grocery store).

2B Pencil (a number 2 pencil) and sharpener and eraser

A softer pencil for laying out designs on the cardboard and measuring the cutting grid. I often also use pens and sharpie markers, but these are non-erasable if you make mistakes. [Dixon Ticonderoga Wood-Cased Pencils, #2 HB, Yellow, Box of 12 (13882) ]


Get a nice long one. If you can get a cheap set square or t-square then get those. It is preferable to get a metric ruler (centimeters and millimeters) as finer measurements are easier to explain in metric. [Westcott Stainless Steel Office Ruler With Non Slip Cork Base, 18 Inches ]

Box cutter / Craft knife

You need something durable. You are going to use it a lot. ["Constructor" Utility Knife LJ-708 Perfect Box Cutter Multipurpose Knife ]

Heavy duty scissors

I bought a cheap pair of kitchen scissors, these are designed to cut through chicken bones and should handle cardboard and cheap wood very easily. [Kitchen Shears, Stainless Steel, Black, 9-inch ]

Glue gun and glue sticks

I use a cordless glue gun. It basically heats up in its dock and then cools down slowly as you use it, requiring that I replace it in the dock to heat up again. I have been asked about different wattages, you only require a low watt one. There are two different sizes of craft hot glue guns. Mine is the larger one. You can see DMScotty using a smaller one from time to time. In the future I may invest in this ($7), but this is money better spent on glue sticks. If you can get the long glue sticks use those. They also come in different colours. Look for a translucent/see through variety that has very little colour. You can use coloured ones for effects if you want. [Surebonder GM-160 Mini High Temperature Glue Gun, 10-watt ]

White PVA glue

This is for large areas, or for things that you can leave for a while to dry. It dries clear and is very useful, however it is not as quick and easy as hot glue. [Elmer's Washable No-Run School Glue, 4 oz, 1 Bottle (E304) ]

Cheap Matte Black Spray Paint

You do not need quality here. Basically you want the cheapest matte black spray paint you can find. You will use a lot. They usually have a non-glossy lid to indicate that they are matte and say MATTE on the can. DO NOT USE GLOSS. Gloss will create problems when you paint over it.

Acrylic Paints

Just cheap acrylic craft paints. You don't need anything special.

I use a limited colour pallet to help you with a colour guide for painting. It makes it easier for you to find the colours and mix them. You can of course find other colours that you like and use those, I just prefer to work with a limited colour palette. It requires less storage space and less time trying to find the right colour. I also do this to make it less daunting for those people who have limited or no experience in art or craft work. If I show only two colours being used (black and white) it helps people feel like they can achieve what they see. That is a big part of what I like to do.

I would invest in the following:

You could spend money on silver and/or bronze, but I use that sort of thing so rarely it is not worth the expense (and they usually are a lot more expensive).

Paint brushes

No need to get anything fancy, just buy a pack of brushes with a variety of sizes. Try to get some flat ones, they are easier for edging and tile work. They are also easier for dry brushing. You will need some fine ones.

Household cleaning sponge

It is easier to paint big areas of texture with a sponge and it is nice to cut shapes into and stamp effects onto tiles.

Lollipop Sticks / Tongue depressors

These are very very useful in making furniture and other wooden artefacts. Make sure the long edges are straight. The ones with curved tops are nice as you can use the curves for treasure chests and stuff. [Loew Cornell 1021254 Woodsies Craft Sticks, 1000-Piece]

Match sticks / mini craft sticks

These are also very handy for creating a variety of wooden bits and pieces. They are usually about 5cm / 2" long. [Multicraft Imports Craft Match Sticks, 2-Inch, Natural, 750 Per Package ]

Kebab skewers

Also for furniture, traps and other things. I uses these as well to prevent warping by inserting them through the corrugation in the lower layer of the cardboard for more stability. You can also use these or tooth picks to join tiles together as connectors through the corrugation, but you will need to pay attention to the way the corrugation faces. [Fox Run Brands Bamboo Skewers, 6-Inch ( 100 Pieces ) ]

White PVA glue

This is for large areas, or for things that you can leave for a while to dry. It dries clear and is very useful, however it is not as quick and easy as hot glue. [Elmer's Washable No-Run School Glue, 4 oz, 1 Bottle (E304) ]

Aluminium Foil (Tin Foil)

I use Aluminium foil for adding texture to things like caves. It is quite useful as applying paint does not change the texture as the tin foil is non-porous like paper or toilet paper. [Reynolds Consumer Produ Aluminum Foil 30 Sf Roll 08031 ]

Toilet Rolls and Cardboard rolls

Toilet rolls are very handy as they have a pre-curved shape. I have used them for pillars and for measuring curves when lazy and I don't want to bother with a compass. Thick cardboard rolls can also be used as well (I used thin ones for barrels), however they have a variety of other uses.

Bluetac (Adhesive putty)

The stuff you generally use to mount posters on walls. This is very handy to temporarily hold things in place. [Blu-Tack Reusable Adhesive ]

Baking Paper / Grease Paper

This stuff is great as hot glue won't stick to it very well, which means you can do all sorts of cool hot glue effects with it. [Wilton Parchment Paper ]


String is useful to mimic ropes as well as a variety of other things.


Gold and silver is great for treasure piles. I also use metallic purple as it looks magical in a way. [GlateeQ 25 Grams Of Extra / Ultra Fine Glitter in Bronze For Crafts / Nails / Floristry ]

Tiny Metal Rings

Any sort of small ring or tiny washers are great to use as dressing on doors and furniture as door handles and loops.

Very Thin Chain

Basically simulates larger chains.

Toilet Paper

I mainly use toilet paper (TP) to simulate cloth. It can be mixed with glue to dry into harder more permanent shapes (especially when water is added to the mix). I like mess, but this mess leads to warping and the drying time is problematic.


This stuff is usually what you find in packaging. It is made up of little balls of foam pressed together (essentially the balls are steamed and they expand into a mould). When you rip it apart the little beads are exposed and look like rocks. The biggest problems with polystyrene is static cling and that it is eaten away by most aerosol spray paints (this can also be used to good effect). The static cling can be over come somewhat by spraying a mist of water onto the polystyrene. The water will short the static electricity build up that causes it to cling, making it easier to work with and easier to clean up. I mainly use polystyrene for rubble and rocks as it is lighter than sand and actual rocks, especially on large pieces.

Aerated Foam

This is different from polystyrene as it is foam made of bubbles. The fractal nature of the stuff when cut up is very useful. This is usually found in electronics packaging, however packing peanuts are very similar and can also be used.

Thick Clear Plastic Packaging

I use this to make transparent bases for templates. Mainly I use plastic lids and the bottoms of cheap containers used in food outlets and supermarkets.

Cotton wool

Smoke, webs and steam are just some of the uses for this. It never stays the way you want it without adding glue, so don't bother using huge amounts of it, rather use it to accent other things. [Cottontails Large Cotton Wool Balls - Pack of 100 ]

Coloured Cellophane

The stuff usually wrapped around flowers and gift baskets. Very useful for creating areas and effects that require transparency - like fire!