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Showcase your Crafts on TheDMGinfo

There are a huge number of people who share their crafts on forums, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. I would like collect as many of these as I can and share some of them with the community through my videos, social media and website.

My channel would not be where it is today, or where it is going, without the kind support of my many fans and the people who take the time to create works of art inspired by my own. I wanted to give back in a way that gives you pride in your work and allows the community to see what is possible and what others have achieved. Rather than examples of our work being strewn all over the internet I felt a well curated location to showcase the vast amount of talent in the community was needed.

To this end I am building this "Showcase" page on my website which will showcase crafts in various categories as the page grows. I also intend showing crafts on my videos as well to help build the community involvement and popularity.

With each Showcase I will be linking to any other content you may have on the Internet (where this is the case) so that people can more easily find other work that you have done.

To keep the quality of the content consistent, acceptable and at a pleasing level there will be a few requirements for submission:

  • I will only accept photographs at this stage
  • Only completed projects should be submitted
  • Only work you have created and photographed yourself is acceptable - please do not submit the work of others, they must submit it themselves
  • Photographs must be on a neutral (preferably white) background - you can use a piece of white paper or a white sheet for large projects
  • Photographs must be well lit - you can use a couple of lamps or sunlight
  • Photographs must be in focus
  • No flash must be used when taking the photograph
  • Please only submit a maximum of 4 photos - Top, front, side and oblique view would be best

By submitting your work to me via the special email address you are indicating and accepting that my company B&W Media Pty Ltd:

  1. may only use the photographs on the website, in videos on the YouTube channel TheDMGinfo and on TheDMGinfo social network platforms for the duration of your copyright
  2. may not use the photographs of the work in any other way unless they contact you for separate permission for each use
  3. has non-exclusive rights to use the photographs
  4. must credit you as the author/creator of the work along with the photographs in every instance of use
  5. may link to your other content on the internet from the photographs where that content is deemed appropriate to a general audience by them
  6. may edit or alter the photograph's colours, size, shape, crop, contrast and tone as they see fit in order to fit in with other content
  7. may add logos and/or watermarks to photographs to indicate the source of the photograph being on the website where they may be shared on social networks or in other content
  8. accepts that the work being submitted was created and photographed by you
  9. has been induced to use your photographs in order to expose you, your work and other content to the users of their website, the viewers on their YouTube channel and their followers on social media platforms
  10. may refuse to use your photographs for any reason

In order to submit please complete the accompanying form. You will receive an email with a submission reference number. In order to send your photographs please reply to that email with your photographs attached.

Begin the Submission Process